Chicago’s Broken Policing System

The Chicago Police Department is so messed up, right?

I came across this story from WBEZ, highlighting the crazy increase of inefficient and ineffective programs the department has touted over the years. It’s unbelievable how the method of using contact cards to deter crime became the end-goal rather than the means. The huge increase in the number of contact cards filled out by police offers has done nothing to improve solved murder cases, or increase the number of illegal guns seized, or stop crime in general.

But the kicker is, there doesn’t seem to be an easy or clear way to improve things because the system is so inherently broken. In an effort to get away from the contact card program, police are now having to fill out two-page forms for every stop and arrest they make, and this tedious paperwork is deterring them from making legitimate stops. So either they are making an absurd amount of stop-and-frisks to increase contact cards and are thus taking time away from actual police work, or they are avoiding police work because they don’t want to fill out the required two-page form. It’s a damned if you do, damned if you don’t scenario. I’m hoping that the new superintendent Eddie Johnson will be able to inject some morale into the department and instigate real change in the system.

Anyways, welcome to my blog!


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